Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 Episode 1 Show Notes:
Well the first two shows are up now. The first is our intro show where Luke and I introduce ourselves. I am posting what I wrote out for the show as the show notes. Also, Show 2 is also posted. We talk to a great friend and influence for the show. Dr. Future. Until next time.

Here is my magnum opus for Show 1:

My name is Adam Sayne.  Why am I starting the Conspirinormal podcast?  After racking my brain on a name for this show I settled on the name “Conspirinormal”.  It combines two of my keen interests. The name as should be obvious to anyone by now represents both Conspiracy theory and the paranormal.   Both as shall be noted later seem to complement each other. Both have a keenly supernatural and spiritual element to them.

    First I would like to tell you some things about myself as regards both elements of the show.  I shall start with the paranormal.  Stories of ghosts and strange occurrences have always fascinated and intrigued me.  I have always had a strong fascination especially with ghosts.  This is due, I believe to some personal experiences in my own early life. For the first nine years of my life I grew up in what I now believe to have been a haunted house. My parents rented the same house that my father grew up in from my Grandfather. The house was built at some point in the 1920s so by the time my grandparents took ownership it was already thirty years old. The first that I can remember is being at least four years old and hearing voices over my bed as I woke up one morning.  The most interesting experience for me was waking up late one night and seeing an old lady in the corner of my room. I remembered it as almost being dream like.  I seem to remember the old lady taking me to speak to an old man who was in the bathtub.  It sounds so strange to recall this and seems so unreal to me now. I equated these old people somehow to my own grandparents. Later I chalked it up to it just being a dream. This changed when I was 13 years old.  We went to visit my Aunt who lived out of town at the time. This is my father’s sister who also lived in the same house when she grew up. I was listening to her and my mother recount what had happened to them inside that house. My mother told her story which I shall recount shortly.  My aunt said that she had seen an old lady in the corner of my father and uncle’s room.  This was the same room that would later become mine.  She said that she was frightened so much she pulled the covers over her and stayed in bed. She was astonished when I told her that I saw the same thing. I am amazed by this story because not only was a personal experience it was also witnessed by my aunt 25 plus years earlier.
    When we had moved out of the house my mother also told me a story of what had happened to her in the house. She woke up early one morning and walked in the kitchen. When she turned the corner she saw a small child sitting next to the stove.  I was also very young at the time so she naturally assumed it to be me.  She told the child “Come on Adam, its time to go to bed.” When she reached out to pick up the child it disappeared in front of her.  She rushed to check on me and I was sound asleep. Recalling my mother’s story now it just gives me the creeps. Ghosts of Children are deeply disturbing to me and too many others.

    There were other experiences in that house. Mostly these were me sensing a presence in the house. It never felt threatening to me. It never felt that it somehow wanted to harm me and my family and in some ways it felt protective. Ghosts need to understand that they scare people and need to not show up as much.  This is in deep contrast to many people’s experiences however. There are people that experience seriously threatening hauntings. These manifest themselves in violent forms.  These experiences are caused by something vastly more sinister than my little old lady. I hope to explore these “violent hauntings” as one of the subjects on this show.

    So what causes these experiences? There are no real answers only opinions. There are some who believe that ghosts are just demons masquerading in human form in order to take us away from God.  There may be some truth to this theory but not entirely    . I believe that sometimes human spirits linger for some time on earth if they have suffered a violent death or an unhappy life. There is also the possibility that many are holding on to this material world because they are afraid of their judgement in the other realm.  My own theory is a rather disturbing one.  Since Hell can really be considered a realm outside of the light of God it may be that being trapped in physical reality is a form of Hell. Certainly the repetitive nature of some ghosts reminds any student of Greco-Roman mythology of tales of the Underworld. Even more disturbing is the idea that these souls may be being kept here by the Demonic. The Demonic may act as some kind of guardians to the spiritual realm.

Which brings me to my statement of belief. I am not in any way ashamed to say that I am a Christian. This is not the place to explore all the facets of my religious belief but just know that I am a strong believer in an ultimate good and an ultimate evil. In the unseen world that I hope to explore in this podcast there is definitely a war going on for the possession of the human spirit. This war is being fought between beings that I characterize as the angelic and the demonic. At the moment this all I want to say about this particular subject but it is going to be an important part of this show.

I would now like to leave the realm of the paranormal and explore the other aspects of this show: the conspiratorial and the political. The term conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist have become almost derogatory terms in our society. In its simplest terms a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit some kind of act good or bad. History is replete with conspiracy. ( I play around with the idea that civilization itself is really the ultimate conspiracy.) Our founding fathers that basically committed treason against the British crown and founded our nation can really be dubbed conspirators. We do not think of them as such since the word has such a negative connotation but the fact remains that if the British had won they all would have been hung.

Conspiracy theory is just what it is, theory. By now most of us have heard of the various conspiracy theories that are out there. The JFK assassination, the September 11th attacks, the moon landings, and UFOs.  The list seems to go on and on. There are some conspiracy theories that seem more relevant to me than others. The first two that I mentioned on this list seem really the most pertinent and most important to me as they seem to reveal a historical pattern.  First to JFK, I remember being around nine or ten years old and asking my father about the assassination. It seemed odd to me even then that one guy did the shooting. That is was just the actions of one crazy person who wanted to make a name for himself bothered me. It also bothered me that he himself was in turn shot by someone else. Later on when I saw the film JFK it put many pieces of the puzzle. I became convinced that the assassination was nothing more than a Coup d’etat in other words a change of government by violent means orchestrated by the CIA and its assets.
The next event of significance for me were the attacks of September 11th, 2001. When I woke up that morning I didn’t quite know what to think. Not having cable at the time all I could see was New York City on fire.  As I watched the events unfold with my roommates I had the feeling that someone had just pulled something to take over this country.  As I listened to the news reports attributing blame to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda I felt confident that that’s who was behind it. I didn’t question anything as I watched a third building fall in New York that afternoon. The building that although on fire wasn’t hit by an airplane that collapsed into its own footprint. (Building 7). A month later I accepted the invasion of Afghanistan as vengeance for the attacks no more or no less.  I even supported President Bush as he carried out these actions. I wasn’t aware of the patriot act or anything else just that justice was done. I was proud of my country.

A few years passed. We invaded Iraq. We won the war against Saddam but then so mismanaged the occupation that we ended up fighting an insurgency. Our troops began to die. I was disenchanted with the way Bush and his NeoCons had squandered the good will of not only the American people but also the goodwill of the rest of the nations of the world after 9-11. I watched Michael Moore’s documentary and found out about the patriot act and how in the grip of fear after 9-11 and the anthrax scare Congress passed the bill without reading it. I was still convinced however that 9-11 had been used as an excuse to pass these things. That it was an opportunity for the Neo-Conservatives to implement their program in the Middle East and to pass laws in the Patriot Act that could never get implemented before.

Then one night I was listening to a show where the makers of Loose Change 9-11 were being interviewed. Although I scorned some of what I was hearing I decided to watch it online. What I saw blew me away. I am sure of most have seen this movie so I won’t belabor the point. But when I watched it I remembered all my studies on JFK. I realized that the same dirty tricks were being implemented though this time on a much larger scale than before. I remembered my studies into the rise of Hitler in 1930s Germany and how the Reichstag was burned by the Nazis and blamed on the Communists so they could use the climate of fear to grant Hitler unlimited power.  How the Germans attacked a radio station just across the border with Poland with political prisoners dressed as Polish soldiers in order to not make themselves seem the aggressors when they attacked Poland. This started World War II in 1939. I learned a new word “false flag” It all made since to me that some dark corner of our own government had perpetrated 9-11 in order to begin the expansion of American power into the Middle East while at the same time increasing government control of the people at home.  Whether this was done by making it happen or letting it happen still remains to be seen on my end.

As a side note I also remember the summer of 2001. I remember seeing news reports about terrorism coming to America, about Anthrax being used, and I remember the big movie of the summer was Pearl Harbor. I feel that we were being prepared.

As I studied more and more of our history I began to see more and more evidence that the same type of actions were taken in our history. So many people do not believe that such events can take place in the United States of America because they seen Americans as being part of an enlightened democratic society. We believe that this may affect other nations but not ours. We need to realize that we are no different from any other nation and these types of events did, can and will happen.

So conspiracy theory is not just the purview of weirdoes and lunatics, although there are many of those, they also raise real questions about how the powers that be operate. They challenge the accepted version of reality about events that are foisted on us by the media and allow us to challenge ourselves to find some semblance of the truth in our lives. If we walk around and just blindly accept that what good is democracy? You might as well call it something else. Fascism.

This brings me back to realm of the supernatural. These events do not only happen because someone wants to rule the other guy.  They are also part of the cosmic battle between good and evil between the angelic and demonic realms and the struggle within our own souls. Since ancient times humankind has always been divided into essentially two groups, the elite and everyone else. The elite have their own belief system that is apart from the rest of humanity. They believe that as the serpent said in the garden that they “can become as Gods”. I shall interject my belief system in here for a moment. When Christ came, suffered and died for humanity he did it for all of humankind not just the elite. But when a hundred or so years had passed after Christ a belief arose in the Roman world that Christ had taught a “secret doctrine”. This was known as Gnosticism that any man could become like Christ if any gained the knowledge. This became transmitted through occultism to Freemasonry and secret societies. The elite still believe that they are in a sense “gods” that anything that they do is beyond morality. This makes it easier for them to justify their “ends justify the means” philosophy.

I believe that that is enough for me now. I want to turn it over to my co-host. I believe that he may differ with me on some of these ideas but one of my goals of this show is that there are different points of view and that all sides of an argument are heard.

Thank You

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello everyone!  The Conspirnormal podcast will be starting soon. It is a podcast that will deal with everything from hardcore Conspiracy, the paranormal, and even mainstream politics from a highly spiritual point of view. We hope to have the first podcast up by the end of next week. Please join us on this blog for updates on the show, news, or any other strange goings on that occur. Stay tuned!!